Landsat Interns Observing Earth in Innovative and Creative Ways

“I specialize in the design and implementation of highly stylized animated worlds through 3D and 2D engines, as well as the development of realistic models and simulations,” Estevez said. “I am what some may refer to as a unicorn in the industry of design; a person who will research, wireframe, test, design, animate, implement, and even program to achieve the desired result of the missions I am honored to be tasked with.” Estevez’s current project includes the development of an interactive g

Women’s History Month: The Impact of Mentorship – Interstellar Experiences of NASA Interns

Women’s History Month is a time to highlight and celebrate the extraordinary women whose legacies empower women today in the pursuit of their dreams. “It wasn’t always this easy for women to learn STEM and be respected in this field, so I am eternally grateful to the women that paved the way for me to have a career at NASA,” Fourth Year Biomedical Engineering student Sofia Williams said. Williams views this month of remembrance as a time to not only highlight the trailblazing women from the pa

Spanish professor’s office reflects ‘museum of life’ | The Baylor Lariat

Dr. Moisés Park, an assistant professor of Spanish, views his office as a space to display his passions and interests while acting as a reminder of his history and heritage. “My office reflects my life; it really does,” Park said. “In part, it’s my doctoral years. So anything that I was interested in as a grad student will be here. A lot of textbooks that were formative in my academic upbringing would end up in these bookshelves.” Park’s primary areas of academic interest lie in Latin American

Black History Month STEM Inspiration – Interstellar Experiences of NASA Interns

Stennis Space Center intern Lichelle Brown has always had her eyes on the sky. Growing up, Brown often visited NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, attended “space camps,” and even joined a robotics club. Through these experiences, her passion for science and exploration grew. However, her biggest inspiration and influence was George Washington Carver. “George Washington Carver endured discrimination and racism throughout his entire career but he still persevered. He taug

Compost garden could alleviate food insecurity on campus | The Baylor Lariat

As a Christian institution, the community of Baylor is called to love others, and an easy place to start is by loving the planet on which we live. As college tuition continues to rise, students around the country are struggling with food insecurity, resorting to convenience and affordability at the sacrifice of sustainability and nutritional value. By implementing an on-campus compost and garden program, students would have easy access to fresh local produce. According to an NPR article, colle

Baylor’s medical missions class seeks to encourage students in call to missions | The Baylor Lariat

According to Baylor University’s mission statement, Baylor seeks to educate men and women for worldwide leadership and service by integrating academic excellence and a Christian commitment. By merging classroom education with the Christian values Baylor is based on, students have the opportunity to bridge their future careers with their calling from Christ. Baylor alumni Dr. Terry Lassiter and his wife, Vicki Lassiter, are empowering and training students to pursue their Christian call to missi

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day empowers women in STEM | The Baylor Lariat

Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day is on Feb. 24 and is dedicated to empowering women in STEM and encouraging the next generation of girls to pursue learning and careers in technical fields. Assistant chair and clinical associate professor in the Department of Mechanical Engineering Dr. Anne Spence was once the only undergraduate female aerospace engineering student at the University of Missouri-Rolla. While in graduate school, she said she began to wonder why there were so few female enginee

College education should require internships | The Baylor Lariat

The goal of college is to prepare students for successful careers. However, it’s common to go to class every day and feel disconnected, unprepared and overwhelmed with the unknowns of the future. College allows you the opportunity to grow, learn and meet people of all different backgrounds and perspectives. However, I believe colleges should adopt a more holistic view of education and encourage learning outside the confines of a classroom. Education should be less about simply learning material
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